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Routemaster was established in 2016 as a small lot of used vehicles for sale and has continued to grow its team of passionate and knowledgeable car guys ever since. With more than 30 years of experience behind them, Routemaster understands small business owners’ needs and provide solutions for clients, both locally and out of state. Owners, Travis and Zach, along with their team of industry experts, help customers find a great value on their lot. Within minutes of talking with these guys, you’ll experience first hand what happens when passion and expertise collide- you get specialists like these.

Routemaster offers a variety of used commercial trucks and vans for your business needs. These vehicles are examined by our team and meet many business needs from cargo vans and box trucks to service body trucks and more. The Routemaster team works on every single vehicle on their lot, so they know the ins and outs of what each one has to offer and how it could be an asset to you.

All of the staff at Routemaster are all “car guys” with oil in their veins.
Expect to get direct and honest answers to all the questions you may have. No sales pitches or fluff talk here.

We look forward to meeting you and guarantee to serve you to the best of our ability.

Zach and Travis

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the Expert people.

Routemaster LTD
Travis Elhajj, Owner/Inventory Acquisitions

Since the young age of 13, Travis has been working in the car industry. From sweeping floors to becoming a business owner, Travis has climbed the ladder and experienced every aspect of the business. Travis began pursuing a career as a business owner in 2005 and has since been growing Routemaster along with his business partner, Zach. Travis is also passionate about being a great husband and father to his three children. He is a continuous learner who enjoys old homes, gardens, hiking and following Jesus.

Routemaster LTD
Zach Smith, Owner/Salesman

Zach also started a landscaping business at the age of 11 and turned it into a reputable landscape company. While working in the mulch one day, Zach did not get bit by an actual bug, but the car bug. Later that year in 2010 Zach teamed up with Travis when he was 18 and brings a vast knowledge of cars, vans, trucks, and other motor vehicles to the sales floor. In his spare time, Zach is an unofficial turf expert and enjoys all things outdoors. He is a husband and father of one and enjoys camping and traveling around the country.

Routemaster LTD
Chris, Operations/Inventory Manager
As the Operations and Inventory Manager, attention to detail is crucial to Chris’s position. With a background like his, he’s a perfect fit. Chris joins the team as a previous operations manager for a large meat and cheese company, managing more than 100 million dollars in sales annually. Outside of work, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids, volunteering his time at his church, traveling the world and spending time in the backwoods.
Routemaster LTD
Justin, Restoration Artist
Justin is a true artist and details every vehicle on the Routemaster lot. More than just detailing, Justin revitalizes every vehicle and transforms it into its best version. In addition to detailing, Justin also enjoys singing karaoke and spending time with his family and girlfriend.

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